TANITA Body Composition Measuring Instrument,​ BC-756 White

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With simple features and a simple design. A body composition measuring instrument that focuses on ease of use.
With a large display that has 30mm high characters and a "noru-pita" (automatic recognition) function. Simply get on and it will display your body composition. The measurement results are scroll displayed automatically.
Maximum body weight is 150kg while the minimum unit display is 100g.
It displays body fat percentage, visceral fat level, basal metabolic rate, body age, muscle mass.

Item Description

●Material: ABS,​ AS,​ SUS,​ PET
●Size (approx.): D285 x W278 x H36mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 1.2kg
●Weight (including packaging material): approx. 1.4kg
●Brand Name: TANITA
●Made in Japan

Item No.  220620

Item weight  1,400.00g