Bio Mildew Killer for Bathroom

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Put up on the ceiling and reduce unpleasant mold!
This item has been made so that it is both environmentally-friendly and easily maintains cleanliness!
Through its effects, where microorganisms oxidatively decompose organic substances into minerals, 50 billion microorganisms living inside the item actively work to decompose mold and turn it into CO2 and inorganic substances.
Makes bothersome bath-cleaning easy!
Just put it on the ceiling!
The effect will lasts for about 6 months. You can feel the difference after 1 month. With a sticker on which you can write the date to change.

[Please note]

(1) Please clean your bathroom before use. Wipe the ceiling with a well-wrung towel to remove dust and moisture.

(2) On the sticker, write down the date which is 6 months from the date you start to use the item, and attach it to the item. Apply the item to the middle of the ceiling using the double sided tape on the back.

(3) After installation, minimize the frequency of opening/closing the door of your bathroom for approx. 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, you can use it as usual.

(4) While using this item, you can clean you bathtub with a mild detergent. However, it is recommended that you refrain from cleaning the walls, as the “bio” material may flow out.

Item Description

●Materials: [Contents] inorganic perlite,​ microorganism(bacillus genus),​ [Case] polypropylene
●Size Details (cm) : 10 x 10 x (thickness) 1.2cm
●Set contents: main item x 1,​ replacement guide sticker x 1
●Weight (item only) [g]: 35
●Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 50
●Made in Japan
●Exchange guide: approx. 6 months. This product cannot be used for mold removal.

Item No.  220743

Item weight  50.00g