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Kutani-Wa-Glass items are new traditional crafts that fuse together the traditional craft of Kutaniyaki from Ishikawa Prefecture and Edo Kiriko, a local industry of Tokyo. Hand-crafted, Japanese-made items that are lovingly individually created. This free size glass has been made to go with various kinds of drinks such as beer and iced coffee. This glass is made using fine crystal with great transparency which allows you to enjoy an all the more gorgeous atmosphere.

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Item Description

●Materials: Foot: ceramic (KUTANI yaki),​ Glass: fine crystal (Edo Kiriko)
●Size (approx.): Diameter 85 x Height 145mm,​ 230ml
●Weight (item only): 200g
●Weight (including packaging material): 270g
●Made in Nomi,​ Ishikawa Prefecture/Glass: made in Chiba Prefecture
●Brand Name: KUTANI -Wa-Glass
●Handling Precautions: Cannot be used in a microwave,​ oven,​ dishwasher or on an open flame. Also,​ this is not heat-resistant glass,​ so avoid sudden temperature changes. As this is made using very delicate glass,​ do not use cleansers or scrubbing brushes on this. As the painted portion may become damaged,​ wash gently using a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent,​ then properly remove moisture. Do not twist the foot and glass bonded portion.
●Other: Please check the delivery date in advance.

Item No.  WJC00258

Item weight  270.00g

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