Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Fever Sheet For Adults,​ 6

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●Contains coolness maintaining grains!
Starts to work gradually.
●Contains coolness retaining capsules! With coolness that starts to work gradually.
●Can be used immediately as it is should a family member develop a sudden fever.
●The improved gel has increased adhesiveness. It stays in close contact with the forehead. It will stay in place, even if your child tosses & turns in bed.
※Moisture contained within the gel absorbs & disperses heat, providing you with a constant cooling effect.
(The gel has a water-soluble high molecular base that is kind to the skin.)

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: paraben,​ dye
●Item Size: 100 x 25 x 215mm
●Box Size: 200 x 250 x 100mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 100
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 118
●Made in Japan
●Handling Precautions:
・Should you feel any strong discomfort on your skin (itchiness,​ pain etc.) or should you observe any abnormality on your skin (swelling,​ rash etc.),​ discontinue use. Should any abnormalities remain,​ consult a dermatologist taking this item with you. Especially when children use this,​ make sure proper attention is paid under parental supervision.
・Cooling effects are gradually reduced after opening so use as soon as possible.
・Avoid places with high temperatures. Store in a cool,​ dark place.
[Use for the following]
・Hot skin after sports

Remove transparent film and attach firmly to the area you wish to cool.

※After opening,​ fold in 2 along opening dotted line. Put away in a box,​ taking care that unused items do not come into contact with external air.

・Should you be sweating,​ wipe off before using. Also,​ repeated reattachment will decrease adhesiveness,​ so avoid doing so as much as possible.
・Its cooling effects last for approx. 8 hours. (Depending on the fever temperature,​ the cooling time may become shorter. Should you no longer feel its effects,​ replace.)
・For hygiene purposes & functionality,​ please use one sheet only one time.
・Store in the refrigerator. If you chill before using,​ its cooling effect will be further enhanced.
(Do not put in a freezer. This will deteriorate item functionality.)

Item No.  WJC02548

Item weight  118.00g

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