Pure Square Cake Plate

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A tea set with the ultimate beauty of gold!
This plate has gold leaf boldly decorating white porcelain. The slightly textured surface helps bring out further shine in the gold leaf. Delicate, beautiful light & shadow are created through the reflection of light. A luxurious item that makes for a special occasion.

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Item Description

●Materials: porcelain,​ gold leaf
●Size: 140 x 140 x 20mm
●Weight (item only)[G] : 190
●Weight (including packaging materials)[G] : 340
●Made in Kanazawa,​ Ishikawa Prefecture
●Brand Name: Hakuichi
●Handling Precautions:
・This item has a special coating finish. However,​ using scourers and polishing powders will damage the surface. Wash using a soft sponge and mild detergent and,​ after rinsing with cold or warm water,​ wipe with a soft cloth.
・Avoid direct sunlight as this may cause discoloration or deformation.
・Do not put in a dishwasher,​ a high-temperature dishwasher with a steam sterilization function,​ a dish-dryer,​ a freezer,​ a microwave oven,​ an oven etc.
・Do not soak for a long time in water,​ detergent water,​ etc.
・Avoid extreme dryness and humidity. Use within the range of room temperature.
・Never allow to come into contact with an open flame.
・Using adhesive tape on the surface may cause the leaf to peel,​ so do not do this.
・Do not use boiling water.
・Do not use for vinegared foods.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidents.
・Depending on your constitution,​ in rare cases the coating (lacquer) may cause a rash. Should you experience any abnormalities,​ discontinue use of item immediately.
・Strong impacts such as when dropped may cause damage,​ breakage etc.
・Stop using if it becomes cracked,​ chipped etc.
・Due to item characteristics,​ the color and shape may differ slightly from the photos.
・Should there be no stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer support regarding the delivery date.

Item No.  WJC03275

Item weight  340.00g


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