[Super Rare Item!] Mt. Fuji Glass Goldfish Pattern With Wooden Box Included [Limited Edition]

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In this unique Mt. Fuji Glass design the goldfish are peacefully swimming from one side to the other.
The elegantly carved goldfish together with the gorgeous Mt. Fuji create an incredible collectible item!

Lovely Three Goldfish design
The delicately designed body with scales, and fins that appear to move in the glass.
Enjoy a refreshing moment by tilting the glass to see the sunlight through it.

When pouring a colored drink such as beer, wine, or whiskey, the goldfish colors change impressively.In the case of soda water and champagne, the fizzy bubbles combined with the goldfish seems as if they are having a happy, fun goldfish ride.

Goldfish are a Lucky Charm!
Since the goldfish are a golden color, it is said that it is an auspicious fish leading to wealth.
Also, since this fish lays a lot of eggs, it is said to help with abundance in pregnancy.
Mt. Fuji is also considered a symbol of good luck, so combined with the goldfish, you get double the luck!

【Characteristics of Mt. Fuji Rock Glass】
●A real-like Mt. Fuji design at the bottom of a glass
The bottom part is thick to make a concave shape of Mt. Fuji. The upper part that touches the lips is thinner to make everything run smoother.
Since this item is made one by one by specialized craftsmen, there are not many of these available. It is a gem of great value.

●The color of the drink is reflected on the surface of Mt. Fuji. You can enjoy various expressions and many moods.
You can enjoy the different colors of Mt. Fuji depending on your drink. What do you want to pour and drink? The pleasure to think every time.
Just looking at Mt. Fuji where the color changes with light and shadow, you can enjoy a pleasant time.

【Wrapping with Wooden Box & Tenugui Fabric】
When opening the wooden box it contains a glass wrapped with a goldfish tenugui or Japanese traditional wrapping cloth. br>
【WOAH!JAPAN Limited Edition】
The Goldfish edition is a WOAH!JAPAN exclusive original design. It can not be purchased in any other stores.
Every glass is handmade so each one of them takes time to produce. We recommend you to purchase before we run out of stock!

【Enjoy the Designs】
Mt. Fuji Glass has many other designs: Cherry Blossom, Fireworks, Autumn Leaves, Snow Crystal, Family Crane, Dragon, Five-story Pagoda. Every collection box has its unique seasonal design also.
You can collect them all and enjoy drinking from your favorite designed glass.

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Item Description

●Material: Lead free glass
●Size: 270ml
●Size details: [Glass] Diameter 92 x H95㎜,​ [Box] 105 x 100 x 102㎜
●Weight (Product only): 300 grams
●Total weight (Packing materials included): 420 grams
●Origin: Tokyo
●Brand Name: Tajima Glass
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not make hard contact with other glasses.
・Put it down gently on the table.
・Do not pour hot or boiling water,​ especially because it is vulnerable to sudden temperature changes.
・Do not put in microwaves,​ dishwashers or dryers.
・Separate from other dishes if possible. Please wash gently with a sponge.
・After washing,​ turn it upside down and drain. Please wipe with thick cotton cloth etc.
・Please do not stack. (Please use a soft cloth if stacking).
・Because it is a handmade product,​ there may be some variations in weight and size.
・Because it is made one item at a time,​ in rare cases,​ air bubbles may be mixed in. This is is not a defect on the product.

Item No.  WJC03367

Item weight  420.00g