Koyabashi Seiyaku Toilet Cleaner Sabotta Ring 30g

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The bleaching power will remove that nasty dark ring (sabotta ring) from your toilet and will keep it clean for a long time.
*The efficacy of this product will vary depending on the environment and stain conditions.
*It does not prevent stains where water cannot reach. Slight fragrance to disguise the bleach smell. It can be used for about 1 month (3 to 5 weeks) with a normal use (will depend on temperature, water temperature, amount of water, etc.)

Item Description

●Ingredients: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (chlorinated),​ surfactant (sodium linear alkyl benzene sulfonate),​ extender (calcium sulfate),​ stabilizer,​ perfume
●Size: [Product] 100 x 63 x 185,​ [Package] 100 x 63 x 185
●Weight (Only the Product) [g]: 30
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 54
●Made in: China
●Manufacturer: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co.,​ Ltd.
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not eat.
・Do not use for other than its intended purpose.
・Keep out the reach of children.
・Do not put near fire,​ sunlight or in places over 40℃.
・Do not transfer to other containers.
・Be careful not to get the product on your clothes when using. If that is the case,​ wash your clothes immediately as they may cause discoloration.
・If the water flow is too strong or there is too much water,​ water may splash or in rare cases,​ the container may fall over and close the hole causing water to overflow. In that case,​ please adjust the water flow at the side of the tank.
・Do not put the product upside down or sideways. Set it correctly if you see it in any of these positions.
・Do not use with hot water.
●Instructions for Use:
・To increase the effectiveness of this product,​ it is recommended to clean the toilet before using the product.
(1) Open the bag with the product and place it in the center of the tank (Do not flush the protective film of the product. It does not dissolve in water).
(2) Press it lightly after you hear the click sound to fix it.
(3) If your tank has a handwasher,​ just place it over the flushing hole to fix. *It does not need to be flushed with fresh water
*Once the product is finished,​ replace it with "Toilet Cleaner Sabotta Ring Refill".
●Not compatible with some toilets:
・It is compatible with the toilets with a bidet function but there is a small fraction which are not (the ones exclusive for bidet functions).
・Simple flushing type.

Item No.  WJC03375

Item weight  54.00g

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