DHC Paws Care Cream 20g

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DHC Pet Supplies!
●Contains moisturizing ingredients such as olive virgin oil, rice-derived ceramides and prehyaluronic acid!
●Cream made to moisturize your pet's paws which tend to get hard when dry.
●Made only with ingredients that are also used in food.
●Harmless to lick.
●Tube that prevents the cream to go back.
●It can be used neatly until the end.
●No fragrance, No colorants, Parabens free.
●Natural ingredients.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Water,​ glycerin,​ olive oil,​ sorbitan fatty acid ester,​ α-cyclodextrin,​ xanthan gum,​ polysorbate 60,​ trehalose,​ glycerin fatty acid ester,​ N-acetylglucosamine,​ rice extract with ceramide,​ extract of moso extract
●Size: [Product] 30 x 103 x 30,​ [Package] 30 x 103 x 30
●Weight (Only the Product) [g]: 20
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 30
●Made in: Japan
●Manufacturer: DHC
●Handling Precautions:
・In case to any abnormal reaction to the product,​ stop its use immediately and consult a veterinary.
・Do not use over skin lesions such as scratches,​ inflammation,​ etc.
・This product is exclusively for pets. Do not use for other than intended purpose.
●Instructions for Use: Remove dirt from your pet's paw and apply. Apply generously to your pet's paw before or after walking or when they are feeling dry.
●Storage Instructions:
・Close it tightly after every use.
・Store in a dry,​ cool place away from direct sunlight.
・There might be a change in the ingredients odor after some time,​ but this does not affect the quality of the product.
・Keep out the reach of pets and children.

Item No.  WJC03479

Item weight  30.00g