Carry The Sun Solar Rechargeable Light S Warm

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Solar rechargeable. Use it as interior illumination, when travelling or in emergencies!
Rechargeable light that can be used for 72 hours or near 500 times by being exposed 8 hours to the sun! It can be used as a décor, but its high durability, lightweight and waterproof features make it ideal for the outdoors or in emergencies such as blackouts. Its functions are so simple that even children and elderly can use it without facing any problem.
Small size which makes it very easy to carry around. Warm-colored LED. The belt comes in 3 colors (black, white, orange) for you to choose the one you like the most!

See the “Carry The Sun” Special Feature Page HERE

Item Description

●Materials: [Body] PET,​ [Package] PVC
●Size: [Body] 88 x 88 x 88,​ [Box] 120 x 220 x 15
●Weight (Product Only) [g]: 57 g
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 76 g
●Made in China
●Manufacturer: CARRY THE SUN
●Handling Precautions:
・Charge in direct sunlight. We do not recommend charging it through the window,​ when it is cloudy or in the shade because it takes a lot of time.
・The hole on the side of the body is an air hole for easy folding.
・Do not disassemble or modify.
・Do not leave or charge the battery in hot places such as the interior of cars,​ etc.
・Although it is waterproof,​ avoid using it submerged in water.
・Do not apply too much strength or force it to bend.
・Keep out the reach of small children.
[Specifications] LED 6 lights / Waterproof and dustproof specification IP67
[Lighting] 7 hours charge / (weak) about 15 lumens 15 hours,​ (strong) about 30 lumens 10 hours
[Other] Lithium polymer battery 600 mAh

Item No.  WJC03486

Item weight  76.00g

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