Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel Refreshing Type 120 g

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Dark spots! Clear skin! Dark, rough and dull! Fruit AHA takes skin dullness and clears skin ♪
● 3 kinds of fruit acid (lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid) formulated!
Old skin made it a smooth skin with a touch of brightness.
● Clear skin with tea leaf extract ♪
Tea leaves extract cleanses the skin while protecting the moisture needed.
● Soft clear gel that is gentle on the skin.
● A slight floral fruity scent.

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Item Description

● Ingredients: Ingredients: Water (refined water),​ glycerin (moisturizer),​ stealtrimonium chloride (cleaning agent),​ ethanol (trimming ingredient),​ carbomer (hardness modifier),​ tea leaf extract (moisturizer),​ glucose Moisturizer),​ allantoin (skin conditioning agent),​ lactic acid (fruit acid),​ citric acid (fruit acid),​ malic acid (fruit acid),​ citric acid (fruit acid),​ methyl paraben (preservative),​ flavor
● Size: 67 x 160 x 67
● Weight (Product only) [g]: 120
● Gross weight (including packing materials) [g]: 141
● Made In: Japan
●Brand Name: Rosette
● Handling precautions:
・ Do not use if there is an abnormality on the skin.
・ Please use with caution if there is any abnormality on the skin. In use,​ or after exposure to sunlight,​ when abnormalities such as redness,​ swelling,​ itching,​ irritation,​ color loss (white spots,​ etc.) appear,​ discontinue use,​ and consult skin specialists,​ etc. recommend. Continued use may worsen the symptoms.
・ Please be careful not to get into eyes. If you get into eyes,​ please rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water without rubbing. Please consult your ophthalmologist if there is a feeling of foreign matter in your eyes.
・ Please keep direct sunlight or high temperature out of reach of children.
● How to use:
・ After washing face,​ please wipe off moisture and use in a dry condition.
・ Please use according to your skin condition. Take an appropriate amount (Muscat large) and spread it over the entire face as if to hold your eyes firmly and massage. As something like an eraser scale starts to appear,​ massage and rinse for about 1 minute. After that,​ always take care of it.
・2-3 times a week is a standard of use. You can also use it for elbows,​ knees,​ heels and decolletes.

Item No.  WJC03575

Item weight  141.00g