Nousaku Sake Cup & Pitcher Set Reiwa

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Sake cup & sake pitcher made of 100% tin to commemorate the Japanese New Era. The kanjis for "Reiwa" (令和) are engraved in the interior.
Tinware is said to eliminate the bad flavors of liquor and make it more mellow and delicious. Tinware has been used to make sake offerings (omikidokuri), also called "suzu" or tin in Japanese, since ancient times. Such has it been its influence in history that the Imperial Court still calls their liquor "O-suzu".
Tinware is considered auspicious because it does not rust or decay easily, so it has become a popular gift among people symbolizing prosperity.
Feel with both your hands and tongue the new era of Reiwa, an era that is expected to embrace people's kindness and the rise of culture, with the help of this beautiful set.

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Item Description

● Materials: 100% Tin
● Size: [body] (one small mouth (small)) H 54 x W 133 x D 73 (about 150 cc),​ H 29 x 73 (about 35 cc),​ [Box] H 65 x W 175 x D 95
● Gross weight (including packing materials) [g]: 550
● Made In: Takaoka City,​ Toyama Prefecture
●Brand Name: Nousaku
● Handling precautions:
・After use,​ clean with a soft sponge and wash with a neutral kitchen detergent.
・ Please use baking soda when the gloss becomes dull.
・ Because of its low melting point,​ do not place it near fire.
・ Because it is made of metal,​ it can not be used in a microwave oven.
・ Dishwasher and dryer can not be used because of possible high temperature.
・ Because (100%) tin is soft,​ please do not rub it hard or with metal. The surface may be scratched.
・ Do not put in the freezer as tin may deteriorate due to low temperature. In addition,​ please refrain from long-term storage in the refrigerator.
・ Please do not leave strong acid or dark color for a long time. It may cause discoloration.

Item No.  WJC03587

Item weight  550.00g