Ramen Story (15 Bags)

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Three kinds of Kyushu ramen
A set of popular three flavors of popular Kyushu ramen.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: wheat flour,​ starch,​ alcohol,​ starch syrup,​ edible vegetable oil,​ salt,​ calcinated calcium,​ gardenia yellow pigment,​ soy sauce,​ grilled flying fish,​ pork extract,​ rapeseed oil,​ lard,​ dried sardine,​ sababushi,​ sardine,​ yeast extract,​ onion extract,​ wheat,​ gluten,​ enzyme decomposition product,​ fish sauce,​ chicken extract,​ sesame oil,​ garlic,​ ginger,​ water,​ sugar,​ refined sake,​ white pepper,​ onion powder,​ garlic powder,​ ginger powder,​ spring onion,​ duck soup
●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): wheat
●Contents: 15 servings (Kurume ga Ichiban (tonkotsu),​ Reissued Hakata Chuka Soba (soy sauce),​ Agodashi Ramen (flying fish soup) Noodles x 5 each,​ w/soup)
●Made in Japan
●Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature
●Best before date (from date of manufacture): 90 days

●Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

Item No.  WJF00195

Item weight  1,900.00g


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