Dr. Kamata's Delicious Agar Zosui (12 Servings)

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The traditional Japanese food of agar (kanten) has a history of approx. 400 years. It is made using types of red seaweed called tengusa and ogonori. It contains more than 80% of high quality plant dietary fiber and so has been gaining attention in recent years as a food that supports your health. Introducing an "agar zosui" made with five kinds of grain - brown rice, wheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa - and plenty of Dr. Kamata's recommended ingredients. Made with no chemical seasonings and with an equivalent salt amount of less than 0.9g per serving. Calories range between 57-83kcal. A delicious agar zosui containing a range of different nutrients essential for your body.

Item Description

●Ingredients: [Scallop Dashi] brown rice,​ scallop extract powder,​ scrambled egg,​ sweet potato,​ onion powder,​ Japanese baking scallop,​ wheat,​ sesame,​ spring onion,​ clam extract powder,​ sugar,​ yeast extract,​ powdered sesame oil,​ chicken extract powder,​ spice,​ millet,​ amaranth,​ quinoa,​ salt,​ Trelahose,​ modified starch,​ carotenoid pigment,​ (contains soybean),​ [Tori-Paitan] brown rice,​ chicken extract powder,​ Chinese cabbage,​ corn,​ granular soybean protein,​ yeast extract,​ wheat,​ spice,​ powdered oil,​ clam extract powder,​ onion powder,​ Chinese cabbage extract powder,​ pork extract powder,​ salt,​ millet,​ amaranth,​ quinoa,​ powdered sesame oil,​ caramel pigment,​ (contains dairy ingredients),​ [Sea Bream Dashi] brown rice,​ sea bream extract powder,​ seafood extract powder,​ yeast extract,​ granular soybean protein,​ arare,​ wheat,​ shiitake,​ clam extract powder,​ spring onion,​ konbu powder,​ powdered soy sauce,​ salt,​ millet,​ amaranth,​ quinoa,​ [Japanese-style nori] brown rice,​ yeast extract,​ salt,​ carrot,​ wheat,​ spring onion,​ clam extract powdered katsuobushi powder,​ sugar,​ onion powder,​ shiitake,​ seafood extract powder,​ Chinese cabbage extract powder,​ nori,​ millet,​ amaranth,​ quinoa,​ garlic powder,​ [agar ingredients] agar
●Nutritional Information
○[Scallop Dashi Zosui] per serving (22g)
*Energy (kcal): 83
*Protein (g): 2.5
*Fat (g): 1.5
*Carbohydrate (g): 15.1
*Sodium (mg): 346
○[Tori-Paitan Zosui] per serving (19.5g)
*Energy (kcal): 68
*Protein (g): 2.6
*Fat (g): 0.9
*Carbohydrate (g): 12.6
*Sodium (mg): 331
○[Sea Bream Dashi Zosui] per serving (17.9g)
*Energy (kcal): 61
*Protein (g): 2.3
*Fat (g): 0.2
*Carbohydrate (g): 12.7
*Sodium (mg): 344
○[Japanese-style nori Zosui] per serving (16.9g)
*Energy (kcal): 57
*Protein (g): 1.8
*Fat (g): 0.2
*Carbohydrate (g): 12
*Sodium (mg): 359
●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): wheat,​ egg,​ milk
●Contents: [Scallop Dashi Zosui] 22g x 3 servings,​ [Tori-Paitan Zosui] 19.5g x 3 servings,​ [Sea Bream Dashi Zosui] 17.9g x 3 servings,​ [Japanese-style nori Zosui] 16.9g x 3 servings
●Made in Japan
●Serving Instructions:
[1] Empty contents of zosui and agar bags into a cup etc.
[2] Pour in hot water and immediately stir well.
[3] Wait 3 minutes and serve.
*Adjust hot water amount in accordance with your preference.
●Please note:
*Take proper care when handling hot water.
*Use all of an opened individual package in one go.
●Storage Instructions: Avoid direct sunlight,​ high temperatures and humidity. Store at room temperature.
●Best before date (from date of manufacture): 180 days
●Manufacturer: Kitahara Sangyo Co.,​ Ltd.

●Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

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