Choshi no Ishigami Nuresenbei Gift E-6

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Four types of Ishigami's Nuresenbei (Deep, Light, Sweet and Spicy) from Choshi, the city of soy sauce and where senbei production has been ongoing for more than 60 years. Individually wrapped 18 units set.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Uruchi Rice (Domestic Production),​ soy sauce (including soy and wheat),​ green paste,​ sugar,​ miso,​ mirin,​ cooking sake,​ dried bonito extract,​ dried bonito,​ dried bonito extract,​ kelp extract,​ shiitake mushroom extract,​ kelp extract,​ maltose,​ trehalose,​ seasoning (amino acids etc.)
●Nutritional Information ([Nuresenbei] 1 Unit (28g),​ [Nuresenbei Light Flavor] 1 Unit (28g),​ [Smooth Nuresenbei] 1 Unit (28g),​ [Nureteru Mambo] 1 Unit (30g))
・Energy (kcal): [Nuresenbei] 84,​ [Nuresenbei Light Flavor] 85,​ [Smooth Nuresenbei] 87,​ [Nureteru Mambo] 105
・Proteins (g): [Nuresenbei] 2.1,​ [Nuresenbei Light Flavor] 1.8,​ [Smooth Nuresenbei] 1.7,​ [Nureteru Mambo] 2
・Fats (g): [Nuresenbei] 0.1,​ [Nuresenbei Light Flavor] 0.2,​ [Smooth Nuresenbei] 0.3,​ [Nureteru Mambo] 0.4
・Carbohydrates (g): [Nuresenbei] 18.5,​ [Nuresenbei Light Flavor] 19.1,​ [Smooth Nuresenbei] 19.4,​ [Nureteru Mambo] 23.4
・Sodium (mg): [Nuresenbei] 1.6,​ [Nuresenbei Light Flavor] 1,​ [Smooth Nuresenbei] 1,​ [Nureteru Mambo] 0.8
●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): Wheat
●Contents: [Nuresenbei] 5 Units Individually wrapped x 1,​ [Nuresenbei Light Flavor] 5 Units Individually wrapped x 1,​ [Smooth Nuresenbei] 4 Units Individually wrapped x 1,​ [Nureteru Mambo] 4 Units Individually wrapped x 1,​ Total 18 Units
●Made in: Japan
●How to Eat: Once open,​ eat as soon as possible.
●Storage Instructions: Store in a cold,​ dry place (below 28℃) and away from direct sunlight.
●Expiration date (depending on the production): 60 Days
●Manufacturer: ISHIGAMI

●Depending on the revision of the product,​ the package design and displayed information may be subject to change.

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Item weight  750.00g