Ise Shrimp Mayo Senbei

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Unstoppable flavor.
Unglazed senbei made with local Ise shrimp and hanamo salt.

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Item Description

●Ingredients: Starch,​ Wheat flour,​ Shrimp (Domestic Shrimp 20%),​ starch syrup,​ sugar,​ salt,​ mayonnaise-flavored powdered food (vegetable oil,​ dextrin,​ vinegar,​ skimmed milk powder,​ Egg yellow,​ Milk sugar,​ other),​ soy sauce,​ dextrin,​ vinegar ,​ Seasoning for salad,​ krill extract,​ yeast extract,​ edible soybean oil,​ fermented seasoning,​ pepper
●Nutritional Information (1 bag (20 g))
・Energy (kcal): 73.4
・Proteins (g): 1.4
・Fats (g): 0.5
・Carbohydrates (g): 15.8
・Sodium (mg): 700
●7 Main Allergens (Wheat,​ Buckwheat,​ Egg,​ Milk,​ Peanut,​ Shrimp,​ Crab): Wheat,​ Egg,​ Milk,​ Shrimp
●Contents: 20g
●Made in: Japan
●Storage Instructions: Store in a cool,​ dry place away from direct sunlight.
●Best Before Date (from date of manufacture): 150 Days
●Manufacturer: Yamaguchi Oilya Fukutaro Co.,​ Ltd.

●The packaging design and content may be subject to changes.

Item No.  WJF01588

Item weight  25.00g

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