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Change the destiny of your skin. "Black Paint Face Washing Soap"


You may want to wash your face aggressively with a highly-detergent soap when your skin is sticky with sebum, when you have darkened skin and pimples, or when you have been wearing thick makeup. However, you shouldn't do so if you want to attain flawless skin. Rubbing your skin hard can damage and dry out the horny layer protecting your skin, or cause excessive sebum secretion. Moreover, there is always natural bacteria on our skin. Bacteria might sound dirty, but if it stably lives on our skin, it can prevent pathogenic microorganisms from breeding. If you wash your skin more than necessary, the natural bacteria will be killed and it will be harder to maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Now, what you will want to have a look at is the power of "a soap made of natural ingredients". This time, we'd like to introduce a soap that will support the creation of beautiful skin, "Black Paint Face Washing Soap".

"Hygienic pores" are the basis of beautiful skin!
But incorrect skin care will cause a trouble.

The purpose of washing your face is to remove impurities. It's very important not only to get rid of these impurities, but also to take care of your pores in the correct way. However, what you may think is good for your skin can actually cause the opposite effect if used incorrectly. For instance, blackheads on your nose are created by excessive sebum secreted from sebaceous glands. It mixes with the dirt in the air and becomes oxidized and discolored. If you try to remove these blackheads by repeatedly using a pore pack and washing your face strongly, your pores will become bigger and sebum will be secreted even more. You can't continue with this bad habit if you want to get beautiful skin. Incorrect skin care like this may be one of the reasons why your pores don't become clean. Also, there are approx. 200,000 pores on the face. If you leave waste in these pores, your skin may become dry, hard and rough. In order to make soft and plump skin, let's start with the correct skin care.

Made using only natural & organic ingredients! A Monde Selection award winner for seven years in a row.

The manufacturer of "Black Paint", "MYYUKI Co., Ltd.", is a company that produces skin care items made with over 100 kinds of plant oils and 50 kinds of essential oils, including designated organic oils from all around the world. "Black Paint Face Washing Soap" is also made with carefully-chosen natural & organic ingredients. In order to avoid excessive removal of natural bacteria on the skin, this soap doesn't contain any germicides or preservatives. Also, no mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes and parabens are used. "Black Paint Face Washing Soap" is made with condensed natural ingredients and organic oils to cleanse pores of impurities and to provide moisture, without causing damage to the skin.

The trick is to melt the surface in hot water before applying. Let's get beautiful skin by using it correctly!

Now, we'd like to introduce how to correctly wash your face with "Black Paint Face Washing Soap".

  • *First, melt the surface of the "Black Paint Face Washing Soap" in hot water of about 40 degrees for two minutes.
  • *Next, apply the melted soap, avoiding the eye area, as you do when putting on a facial mask. You don't need to use oil cleanser. You can also apply it over makeup as well.
  • *Spread the soap on your face and gently massage for about 20 seconds to push the soap into pores.
  • *Close your eyes and rinse well with lukewarm water! To bring out the effects of its natural & organic ingredients, "Black Paint Face Washing Soap" is made using a traditional method without chemicals such as stabilizers and pH adjusting agents. So be careful as it may be painful if it gets in your eyes.

The metabolism cycle of the skin is said to be about one month. Try this pore washing method with "Black Paint Face Washing Soap" for one month. Healthy, youthful, beautiful skin will be waiting for you.

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