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Experience Making Matcha Tea Special Feature

Food, Regional Produce2017.1.16

Matcha tea is popular as one of the typical tastes of Japan. It has great compatibility with snacks and chocolates, so has been accumulating fans around the world as an ingredient used in sweets. Also, in recent years, “tea ceremony experiences” have been gaining popularity as an activity for tourists to do when they visit Japan.
This time at WOAH! JAPAN, we bring you various tea ceremony utensils, not only for those interested in experiencing tea ceremony but also for those who feel tea ceremony is too difficult to do, that allow you to easily enjoy doing it at home!
Take this chance to incorporate matcha tea into your daily life!

Easier than you’d think!
The matcha you make yourself will taste exceptional!

There are surely many people out there that have the impression that tea ceremony etiquette is too difficult. However, a fundamental of tea ceremony is an abundant feeling of relaxation where you can cherish the tea and the atmosphere of the place where you are.
Drinking matcha tea, which brings relaxation to the mind and leads to constitution improvement, is a habit we would like you all to take up, especially during these busy modern times. We also invite those who have only ever tried matcha sweets to explore the profound world of matcha tea.
If you know the little rules and tricks, you can enjoy making delicious matcha at home with the minimum tools. First of all, let's try making matcha without being a stickler to all the formalities.

It’s easy! How to make tea

● Pour hot water into a matcha bowl to heat it up.
●Throw away water used to warm the bowl and add approx. 2 scoops (1.5-2g) of sieved matcha powder using a tea scoop.
●Gently pour boiled hot water (70-80cc) that has been allowed to cool a little (approx. 80℃) from a tea pot into the matcha bowl.
●Quickly stir using a chasen whisk so that the matcha powder doesn’t solidify.
First, quickly move back & forth like you are drawing an “M” shape. When fine lather starts to form, leisurely move the whisk in a circular motion. Finally, it is important to gently lift the whisk up.
●Place one hand beneath the matcha bowl and the other hand on the outer side of the matcha bowl and then drink little by little. If you drink with your back straightened, you will feel more refreshed.

If you don’t have all the tea utensils,
it’s ok to use what you have at hand.
Going about things too formally will stop you from being able to enjoy the matcha you’ve made. If you don’t have a matcha bowl, you can use a cafe au lait bowl. If you don’t have a sieve, simply use it as is. If you don’t have a tea scoop, use a tea spoon. If you don’t have a chasen, use a small whisk. First and most and important is being able to drink it. But of course, making matching with special utensils is of course the best. Try adding to your collection of utensils little by little if you can.

Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha, tea leaves ground into a powder, contains lots of dietary fiber, vitamins and catechins, which are said to prevent aging and cancer. It is gaining attention as a highly functional food that helps your health and beauty through everyday consumption.

Made with Kyoto ichiban tencha & Kanazawa gold leaf!
Matcha tea made using ichibancha tencha from Uji, Kyoto, together with pure gold leaf from Kanazawa for a luxurious tasting tea.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Tea w/Gold Leaf, Can


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Made using high-quality matcha tea from Uji, Kyoto.
Made using high-quality matcha from the tea production area of Uji, Kyoto.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Tea, Can


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The special carton is very useful.
Made using high-quality matcha from the tea production area of Uji, Kyoto.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Tea, Special Carton


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Chasen Whisks

A utensil called a “chasen” is essential for giving matcha a creamy foam. Bamboo is properly dried on cold winter days, finely split and then the tips are rounded to finish it off.
When using one at home, it is best to soak it in cold or warm water from about 30 minutes before use – using in such a state will preserve it for a longer time.

Choose this if you are getting one for the first time!
A tea utensil that is used when making matcha tea. A regular 64-tip chasen whisk.

Chasen, Regular Head


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For a creamier flavor
A chasen with a finer, more delicate construction compared to regular whisks. The more tips a whisk has, the more work is involved and so, before the Meiji Restoration, it is said that only noblemen higher than daimyo were able to use ones with more than 80 tips.

Chasen, 96 Tips


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Matcha Bowls

Matcha tea bowls are in the perfect shape for drinking matcha. However, they don’t only serve that purpose. The pleasure in finding your favorite bowl, through their feeling when touched and visual beauty, is sure to make your matcha tea life all the more fun.
Enjoy finding the matcha bowl that is just right for you!

A matcha bowl perfect for regular use
A matcha bowl subtly decorated with cherry blossom, a typically Japanese flower. A tasteful matcha bowl that exudes a feminine-like delicate aura.

Matcha Bowl Cherry Blossom Pattern, White


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The soothing cherry blossom pattern is cute!
A matcha bowl subtly decorated with cherry blossom, a typically Japanese flower. The small flowers on the black background exude a gentle aura and seem to emphasize the delicacy of the person holding it.

Matcha Bowl Cherry Blossom Pattern, Black


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A superb item that exudes class
Glowing, thin petals of a fall chrysanthemum spread gently across this matcha tea cup. A gorgeous looking white chrysanthemum pattern adorns the brushmark-accented silver base.

Matcha Tea Cup, White Chrysanthemum on Brushed Silver


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Full surface cherry blossom carefully painted by craftsmen.
Kyo-yaki/Shimizu-yaki carefully painted with craftsmen's skill even down to the places you can’t see to give it a sophisticated look.

Matcha Bowl,​ Dyed Cherry Blossom


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An overwhelmingly popular Tenmoku matcha bowl
A beautiful matcha bowl with a deep flavor. The Nogime pattern, which resembles poaceae plants, has many layers of brown & silver fine wavy lines on a jet-black body.

Tenmoku Matcha Bowl C


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Tea Pots

The perfect water temperature for matcha is approximately 80℃. After boiling water it is very hot, so it is recommended to temporarily transfer it a tea pot. At this time, if you also warm up the matcha bowl, you can enjoy more delicious matcha tea.

A Nanbu Tekki & Kiyomizu-yaki traditional craft collaboration!
The collaborative design of the Nanbu kettle's body and Kyoto's traditional Kiyomizu-yaki pottery lid shows a deep historical connection to Kyoto. With a wonderfully charming traditional yet modern design.

Iron Tea Pot, Green Bamboo


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Brightens up an auspicious occasion.
The collaborative design of the Nambu kettle's body and Kyoto's traditional Kiyomizu-yaki pottery lid shows a deep historical connection to Kyoto. The dignified red color is suitable for any occasion.

Iron Tea Pot, Red Cloud (S)


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*These 2 teapots we are introducing are colored and cannot be used over an open flame.

Tea Scoops

The bamboo tea scoop used for picking up matcha tea is called a "chashaku". For each 70-80cc of hot water used, add around 2 scoops (1.5-2g) using a chashaku tea scoop. If you don’t have one, you can also use a teaspoon. However, matcha powder is fine, so it is recommended that you use a bamboo tea scoop whenever possible.

Perfect for use with fine matcha powder
A long tea scoop that is handy for taking matcha out from a tea container.
With a length of approximately 18.5cm.

Bamboo Tea Scoop, Large


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Perfect for small tea containers
A tea scoop that is handy for taking matcha out from a tea container.
With a length of approximately 11.5cm.

Bamboo Tea Scoop, Small


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Tea Canister/Sieve/Chasen Holder

A selection of items that aren’t essential but having them will make matcha more delicious.

A matcha tea storage container with superb airtightness
This matcha size tea canister that has elegant peach skin attached is lacquered in Japan.

Peach Skin Tea Canister


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Reproduces freshly ground matcha
A Japanese paper can that comes with a sieve handy for reproducing millstone-ground matcha tea.

Matcha Tea Sieve Set


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Having this will come in handy & make your chasen last longer.
A tea-making utensil. This item is recommended if you want to enjoy authentic tea. An item for holding a chasen whisk which follows the shape of the whisk head.

Chasen Holder


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●If you want to know more about matcha, please read our other special!

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