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Tea Tsuboichi

Sakai, the city of culture and commerce and where the tea ceremony master Sen no Rikyu was born.
In this land, where Japanese tea culture has been continuously passed down through generations,
we can still find "Tea Tsuboichi", a tea manufacturer that has been loved for nearly 170 years.

We would like to introduce you some popular products which tea taste have been enjoyed by many!

Founded nearly 170 years ago
Tea Tsuboichi

Tea Tsuboichi is a long-established tea company founded back in 1850.
It has continuously delivered high-quality tea throughout the years thanks to its excellent selection of tea leaves, the number of artisans whose techniques bring out the best flavors and thorough hygiene management.

The headquarters are located in Sakai city, in Osaka Prefecture, hometown to Sen no Rikyu, a renown tea ceremony master.
Sakai is very focused on keeping tea culture alive by putting big efforts in things such as training Japanese tea instructors.
You are invited to try various sweets made of tea in traditional townhouses in Sakai.

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