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Hokuriku Souvenir
Special Feature

Kanazawa has plenty of emotion from the ancient city.
Toyama, a city rich in food and culture, gives blessings to the graceful water.
The Hokuriku area, which can be accessed directly from Tokyo
on the Hokuriku Shinkansen, is a rapidly increasing area for foreigners.

This time, we selected popular souvenirs
from Hokuriku area that can be purchased at WOAH! JAPAN.

Flower Basin,
Upside-Down Fuji, Blue Fuji
A vase that you can easily arrange flowers in an auspicious "Reflective Mt. Fuji" ♪
JP¥ 4,800
  • Sweet Shrimp Senbei Ebikoishi (Box Included)
    An exquisite rice cracker that is made from plenty of delicious Hokuriku rice and sweet shrimp.
    JP¥ 800
  • Shiroebi Kikou (Box Included)
    Made from white shrimp called "Jewel of Toyama Bay". Plenty of 2 × 18 bags.
    JP¥ 1,000
  • Sea of Japan Araiso (Box Included)
    Seafood rice crackers baked with white shrimp, yellowtail, firefly squid, seafood from the Sea of Japan!
    JP¥ 1,100
Kinka 24K Gold Mask
Ideal perfect gift! A luxurious single sheet mask made of gold leaf.
JP¥ 4,500
  • Kanazawa Confectionery Club Kanazawa Golden Baumkuchen
    Gorgeous Baumkuchen cake made with local rice flour, tea, and gold leaf.
    JP¥ 1,300
  • Kanazawa no Tsuki
    Exquisite fluffy chiffon cake and soft custard cream ♪
    JP¥ 600
  • Kanazawa Goro Island, Kintoki Baked Sweet Potato Cookie
    Sweet potato-like cute appearance! Made from sweet Gorojima Kintoki potatoes from Hokuhoku.
    JP¥ 800

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