About Points

  • Earn 1 point every JPY 200!(Excluding shipping and handling charges.)
  • We are very pleased to announce our new shopping point systems. You will earn points in accordance with the purchased amounts.
  • You can use the accumulated points in order to "discount" your order.
  • You can use points for your order from next time only when you have accumulated 100points or more. Your discount is JPY 100 for 100 points.
2.Place an order at WOAH! JAPAN
If you place a single order, you will earn1 point every JPY200
3.Check the point you have earned.
Click on "Login" at the top of the page → Click on "Order History" → Click on "Reference" button.
4.Use the points you have earned.
1. You have to accumulate at least 100 points more in order to your points for a discount.
2. Click on "Yes" at the "Using points" option to automatically apply the maximum number of points (in units of 100 points) available to you on the payment page.Your discount it JPY100 for 100 points.
3. When you use points, the amount which discounted price by using points is deducted from the total amount of ordered merchandise price is object of point’s acquirement.

Other rules

  • Points will not be applied to shipping and handling charges or certain products.
    The message,"No point will be acquired for this item." will appear in the product details for such merchandise.
  • Points will be re-calculated each time when an order is placed. Different orders cannot be added together in order to earn points.
  • The expiry date for points is one year after the last order.
  • Points may not be cashed in, cashed back, or exchanged for shopping bonds or coupons.
  • Points may not be transferred to any other account.
  • Where purchases are returned, points earned through the purchase will be deducted – only for the amount of the returned merchandise.
  • Point system rules are subject to change without prior notice.
  • We will give 30 days prior notice via e-mail or on the website should our point system be terminated.

How to Earn WOAH! JAPAN POINT and How to Use

Point accumulation example

First order
Udon JPY 800
Tea JPY 2,480
Sweets JPY 1,600
Teapot Set JPY 15,950
Hand Towel JPY 1,900
Total JPY 22,730
for this porchase points accumulated113Point

Point usage example

Using points for your second order.
Ramen JPY 240
Soy Sauce JPY 2.480
Sweets JPY 3,200
Vase JPY 8,950
Plate JPY 11,000
Total JPY 25,870
  • Point from previous purchase・・・113Point
  • Poits you can use・・・100Point
Order total (items only) JPY 25,870
Discount JPY 100
Payment total (items only) JPY 25,770
Points after using them for purchase113Point Merchandise point129Point(Acquired points of 2nd order) Total points142Point