Seki Magoroku,​ Diamond & Ceramic Sharpener,​ For Single-Edged Knife

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Revives sharpness in 3 steps! With this simple sharpener there is no need for you adjust the angle yourself. It is easy to handle, making it very useful for your everyday life. When a knife loses its cutting edge and you want to get back its true sharpness, there are many items that don't seem to be quite up to the job. In order to overcome such dissatisfaction, this sharpener has been made! This one item has three kinds of grindstone, each with different properties. By using each grindstone in order, you can revive the sharpness of knives that have lost their cutting edge.
*This item is for single-edged knives.

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Item Description

●Material: Main Item: ABS resin (heat resistance: 80℃),​ Clear Cover: AS resin (heat resistance: 70℃),​ Rubber Feet: elastomer resin (heat resistance: 70℃),​ grindstone: diamond grindstone,​ ceramic grindstone
●Size (approx.): Main Item117 x 45 x 50mm
●Weight (item only): 111g
●Brand Name: Seki Magoroku
●Made in Japan (Seki,​ Gifu Prefecture)

Item No.  220531

Item weight  211.00g