Jo-Donko Shiitake Mushroom

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Round, thick shiitake mushrooms picked before the cap opens. Contains a lot of umami and has a chewy texture.

Item Description

●Ingredients: shiitake (mushroom log)
●Nutritional Information (100g)
*Energy (kcal): 182
*Protein (g): 19.3
*Fat (g): 3.7
*Carbohydrate (g): 63.4
*Sodium (mg): 6
●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): none
●Contents: 70g
●Made in Japan
●Serving Instructions:
Dried shiitake: The flavor differs depending on how you rehydrate. By hydrating in cold water for a long time,​ the umami ingredient guanylate will increase due to the action of enzymes etc. Also,​ when cooking,​ the flavor will further increase.
1. Quickly wash to remove dust.
2. Soak so that the shiitake are immersed in water and put a lid on top. Rehydrate in the refrigerator over a period of time (approx. 8 hours).
(If you put in a plastic bag,​ it won't take up space and also the aroma will not escape.)
[Cooking Examples] Use as an ingredient for chawanmushi,​ stew,​ curry,​ soup,​ hot pots etc.
●Storage Instructions:
*Avoid direct sunlight and store in a place with a low temperature and low humidity.
*Consume as soon as possible after opening. Store leftovers in the refrigerator or in a sealed container.
●Best before date (from date of manufacture): 10 months
●Manufacturer: Jinseki Product Inc.

●Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

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