HARIO W60 dripper

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Next generation dripper that refines the taste of coffee.
Supervised by WORLD BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 winner, Pete Rikata.
With new extraction device “W60” from coffee’s pro. The flat-bottomed mesh parts have a shape that allows coffee powder and hot water to come into contact evenly, and by filtering with a double layer of mesh parts and paper, it is possible to extract flavors while maintaining clearness.

Item Description

・Material: [Dripper] Porcelain,​ [Mesh frame] Polypropylene,​ [Mesh] Polyester
・Size: Width 160 x Depth 127 x Height 109 x Mouth Diameter 116mm (for 1-4 cups)
・Weight (g) (item only): 500
・Weight (g) (with packing material): 600
・Country of origin: Japan
・Brand name: HARIO

Item No.  W15630

Item weight  600.00g