Spirits Cup,​ Drop Pattern,​ Beer Glass

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Even in today's fast-paced and rapidly-accelerating society, nature has carved out its own eternity in the flow of time. Much like drops of water in a limestone cave take tens of thousands of years to form a creation, this drinking glass lets you feel the timeless patience of nature as you relax with your drink. This series boasts both a sense of artfulness and practicality.

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Item Description

●Materials: Tin
●Production method: sand casting
●Size (approx.): Item Size: Diameter 60 x 94mm/165ml (water volume when full)
Box Size: W68 x D103 x H65mm
●Weight (item only): 210g
●Weight (incl. packaging): 270g
●Made in Toyama Prefecture
●Brand Name: naft
●Please Note:
[About this item]
This item is made of 99.99% pure sand-cast tin.
It is a soft metal with slight and unique irregularities in shape for you to enjoy.
Tin is resistant to oxidization and corrosion,​ making it a well-loved material for dining wares since olden times.
Its high ion effect is also said to add mellowness to the flavor of beer and spirits.
If there are small indentations or protrusions on this item,​ it is not a defect. This is a remnant of the sand casting process.
[About care and handling]
*Please wash using a soft sponge and pH-neutral dish detergent.
*Please do not use metal brushes,​ steel wool,​ etc. on this item.
[About use]
*This metal has a low melting point; please do not expose to direct flame.
*This metal is extremely conductive; please be careful to avoid burning when filling with hot drinks.
*Please do not microwave or put in dishwasher.
*Please do not store in refrigerator or freezer.
*This metal is relatively soft; dropping it or other hard impacts may cause damage to its shape.
*Please do not strike this item with hard or sharp objects; damage to its surface may occur.
●Also included: presentation box

Item No.  WJC00013

Item weight  270.00g

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