Shot Glass,​ Red Bird

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Kutani-Wa-Glass items are new traditional crafts that fuse together the traditional craft of Kutaniyaki from Ishikawa Prefecture and Edo Kiriko, a local industry of Tokyo. Hand-crafted, Japanese-made items that are lovingly individually created. A shot glass that takes a sake cup as its inspiration. With a pattern also on the joint surface. Enjoy the design while you have a drink. Also, it is made of fine crystal with high transparency and shininess, so colors reflected on the glass look beautiful.

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Item Description

●Materials: Base: ceramic (KUTANI yaki),​ Glass: fine crystal (Edo Kiriko)
●Size (approx.): Diameter 55 x Height 70mm,​ 60ml
●Weight (item only): 80g
●Weight (including packaging material): 200g
●Made in Nomi,​ Ishikawa Prefecture/Glass: made in Chiba Prefecture
●Brand Name: KUTANI -Wa-Glass
●Handling Precautions: Cannot be used in a microwave,​ oven,​ dishwasher or on an open flame. Also,​ this is not heat-resistant glass,​ so avoid sudden temperature changes. As this is made using very delicate glass,​ do not use cleansers or scrubbing brushes on this. As the painted portion may become damaged,​ wash gently using a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent,​ then properly remove moisture. Do not twist the foot and glass bonded portion.
●Other: Please check the delivery date in advance.

Item No.  WJC00273

Item weight  200.00g

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