Soto-O Doyo,​ Musical Box (Colored Leaves)

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Leaves symbolic of autumn are in a style true to the spirit of kutaniyaki ware.

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Item Description

●Materials: Main Item: ceramic,​ Box: paper box
●Size (approx.): Diameter 8cm x Height 5.5cm
●Weight (item only): 225.5g
●Weight (including packaging material): 273.5g
●Made in Ishikawa Prefecture
●Brand Name: Soto-O Doyo
●Handling Precautions: This item has been produced as a decorative item with emphasis placed on beautiful appearance and color definition. Please avoid use as diningware. *When displaying or positioning plates or objects (music box,​ etc.) take care to ensure stability. *When storing,​ gently wipe the item,​ particular gold and silver portions and put away after removing dirt. The base portion of Kutaniyaki products does not use glaze. Place fabric underneath this decorative item when placing it on floors,​ table stands,​ shelves,​ tables,​ items with a lacquered finish,​ etc. that are softer than the product itself as it may leave scratches.
●Other: Limited production item

Item No.  WJC00377

Item weight  274.00g

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