Kutani Wine Glass,​ Red Wine,​ Horikawa Toki Red Picture,​ Sakura

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In a delicate pattern created by fine red lines. It has an elegant atmosphere since gold is partially added.
Wine Glasses

See the "Kutani ware"Special Feature Page HERE

Item Description

●Size Details: Diameter 68 x H228
●Weight (item only) [g]: 170
●Total Weight (including packaging material) [g]: 500
●Materials: porcelain,​ glass
●Made in Ishigawa Prefecture
●Brand Name: Kaburaki Wine Glass
●Handling Precautions:
*Avoid using over an open flame,​ in a microwave,​ oven cooker,​ dishwasher/dryer. This may stain and damage the surface.
*Do not put this item in hot water. It may cause breakage.
*After using this item,​ it is recommended that you wash it as soon as possible.
*As it is made using very delicate glass,​ avoid using cleansers and scourers.
*The glass portion and painted portion may become scratched. When washing,​ add detergent to a soft sponge or cloth and wash. Wipe off moisture immediately and store. Also,​ if you turn upside-down to drain water,​ moisture may collect in the base portion. Remove moisture properly and store in a dried state.
*Glaze has not been applied to the foot of this item. It has been polished and smoothed. However,​ when using on top of items that scratch easily,​ be sure to use a coaster or cloth.
*Avoid using and storing in unstable places. This may cause damage.

Item No.  WJC00707

Item weight  500.00g


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