Kyoto Tea Soap,​ Hoji Sencha

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The slight smell and sweetness is evidence that it was slowly matured over a long time. A mild Hojicha soap that washes your skin gently. Those with delicate skin and children can use with peace of mind. Made using one of the three greatest waters of Kyoto, "water of Somei".

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Item Description

●Size Details: [Box Size] W10 x D10 x H4.5
●Weight (item only) [g]: 120
●Total Weight (including packaging material) [g]: 157
●Ingredients: soap base,​ water,​ olive oil,​ palm oil,​ urea,​ coconut oil,​ glycerin,​ tea seed oil,​ tea leaf,​ borage seed oil,​ tea catechin,​ black sugar,​ hydrolyzed silk,​ honey,​ avocado oil,​ apricot kernel oil,​ grape seed oil,​ peanut oil,​ chlorella,​ evening primrose oil,​ sunflower seed oil,​ iron oxide,​ titanium oxide,​ macadamia nut oil,​ perilla seed oil,​ sesame oil,​ camellia oil,​ jojoba seed oil,​ almond oil,​ walnut seed oil,​ hazelnut seed oil,​ damask rose oil,​ tea tree leaf oil,​ lavender oil,​ ylang-ylang oil,​ orange flower oil
●Made in Kyoto Prefecture
●Brand Name: BLACK PAINT.
●Handling Precautions:
*To take advantage of the quality of the natural and organic ingredients,​ this soap is made using a traditional method without using agents such as stabilizers and pH adjusters. It may hurt if it gets in your eyes,​ so take care when washing your face. Your skin will be fine.
*Dissolve this soap in hot water and then use. After using,​ it is recommended that you use it in a well-ventilated area.

Item No.  WJC00731

Item weight  157.00g


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