Arita-Yaki Kaleidoscope,​ Koransha,​ Cherry Blossom

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The cherry blossom picture series is the most popular of all Arita-yaki kaleidoscopes. Koransha's cherry blossom pattern has a stylized weeping cherry blossom design. With a gently curved cylinder that is thinner at the center, making this exude a gentle feminine air.
A 2 mirror system kaleidoscope with a tube-shaped wand attached to the end of the cylinder. Move this and objects inside slowly move together with flowing oil. Flowers that blossom from buds and scatter about rise to the surface among fresh green leaves - you can enjoy this all year round.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Special Feature Page HERE

Item Description

●Materials: porcelain,​ metal fitting,​ glass,​ beads,​ oil,​ mirror,​ wooden stand
●Size Details: [Main Item] Width 10.6 x Depth 3.8 x Height 20cm,​ [Box] Width 12.8 x Depth 7.5 x Height 12.8cm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 250
●Total Weight (including packaging material)[G]: 990
●Made in Arita,​ Saga Prefecture
●Brand Name: Arita Mangekyo
●Handling Precautions:
*Do not drop. Kaleidoscope are precisely made so please handle with proper care.
*Never look at the sun with a teleidoscope.

Item No.  WJC00977

Item weight  990.00g

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