Arita-Yaki Kaleidoscope,​ Koransha,​ Azure Owl

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Owls are auspicious and associated with bringing luck, preventing hardships and becoming old happily. They are also known to symbolize wisdom, as they have sharp night vision and great sight, and luck with money without being up to your neck in debt, as their neck rotates greatly to the left and right. This wonderful item with sophisticated beauty has a chain attached, turning it into an accessory.
Whatever passes through the transparent natural crystal ball attached to the end of the tube is reflected in the kaleidoscope's pattern. A teleidoscope type. Beautiful things are more beautiful, just like a flower, yet even average items have surprising beauty and uniqueness to enjoy.

See the " Japanese Auspicious Items" Special Feature Page HERE

Item Description

●Materials: porcelain,​ metal fitting,​ crystal,​ mirror,​ bag
●Size Details: [Main Item] Width 1.4 x Height 5.7cm,​ [Box] Width 8.1 x Depth 3.3 x Height 10.2cm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 24
●Total Weight (including packaging material)[G]: 150
●Made in Arita,​ Saga Prefecture
●Brand Name: Arita Mangekyo
●Handling Precautions:
*Do not drop. Kaleidoscope are precisely made so please handle with proper care.
*Never look at the sun with a teleidoscope.

Item No.  WJC00990

Item weight  150.00g

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