Edo Wind Chime,​ Red Fuji

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Red Fuji is a phenomenon that occurs mainly during the late summer and early fall when Mt. Fuji is steeped in the light of the early morning sun. It is known as an auspicious thing and is a phrase associated with summer. This item is very popular as a souvenir.
Mt. Fuji

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Item Description

●Materials: glass,​ thread,​ beads
●Size (approx. cm): Diameter 8 x Height 8
●Weight (item only) [Approx. g]: 51
●Total Weight (including packaging material) [Approx. g]: 82
●Made in Edogawa-ku,​ Tokyo Prefecture
●Brand Name: Edocore! Edo Wind Chimes
●Handling Precautions:
*Edo Wind Chimes: In order to create a good sound,​ the ringing opening is intentionally jagged. If it were smooth,​ it would not create sound.
*The openings on all wind chimes are jagged. Please kindly understand this when purchasing.

Item No.  WJC01016

Item weight  82.00g

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