Electric Toothbrush,​ Rainbow,​ Pink

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An electric toothbrush that can be used from 0 years and up. With its rainbow light, getting into the habit of brushing teeth will become more fun.
Turn the switch once and the rainbow light will blink. Turn it one more time and a white LED light will go on and it will start to vibrate.
A sonic electric toothbrush that vibrates around 16,000 times a minute.
Waterproof for everyday life so you can keep it near the sink with peace of mind.
Automatically turns off after 2 minutes for economy and safety.

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Item Description

●Materials: ABS resin,​ nylon
●Size: [Main Item Size] H167 x W25 x D28mm,​ [Blister Pack Size] W80 x H212 x D33mm
●Weight (item only) [G]: 33
●Total Weight (including packaging material) [G]: 54
●Made in China
●Brand Name: Babysmile
●Handling Precautions:
*Do not subject to impacts by dropping etc. This may cause breakage.
*Do not use rechargeable batteries.
*Do not place item in direct sunlight,​ near a flame or subject to heat. This may cause an accident or damage.
*Do not forcefully stop an operating toothbrush with your hand. This may cause damage or injury.
*Do not store/use this item in places with lots of moisture such as in the bathroom. Do not leave this in water for a long time.
*Do not use toothpaste that contains abrasives. This may cause damage to teeth and gums.

Item No.  WJC01093

Item weight  54.00g

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