Inden Dragonfly Pattern Mirror

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A dragonfly pattern mirror with a magnifier on one side. Dragonflies are also called "akitsu" in Japan, and "Akitsushima", or "dragonfly island", is an ancient name for Japan. In the Middle Ages, they were also called "katsumushi", literally "winning insect", by samurai and so dragonfly patterns were often used in warrior clothing. These hand-made Inden items are composed using a combination of three elements - colored deer leather, lacquer and pattern. The lacquer used becomes clearer over time. Dyed twice with red and black on a navy background.

[Inden Leather]
Tanned deer leather is dyed black, navy, brown, wine, deep red etc. Then, after being roughly cut, a stencil (washi paper) is placed on top and the pattern is created using lacquer on the stencil. After this, it is dried for several days in a dark room (a muro). Thanks to the harmony of the strength, softness, lightness of deer leather and lacquer whose color becomes clearer over time, a unique texture that becomes smoother with usage is created.

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Item Description

●Color: Double-dyed with red & black on a navy background
●Materials: deerskin x lacquer
●Item Size: 60 x 58 x 9
●Box Size: 72 x 73 x 18
●Weight (item only) [G]: 42
●Total Weight (including packaging material) [g]: 60
●Made in Yamanashi Prefecture
●Brand Name: Nagomi Series
●Handling Precautions:
[Inden Features]
●Lacquer: Over time the color becomes clearer and changes.
●Lacquer: If left in sunlight (UV rays) for a long time,​ it will lose glossiness.
●Lacquer: If it is forcefully bent,​ scratched,​ or directly comes into contact with hard objects during use,​ it may peel or become worn.
●Deerskin: Due to horn deviation,​ there may be a few scratches. This is utilized as a natural pattern.
●Deerskin: The surface of the leather may scrape off during use.
●Rubbing leather will cause scratches.
●Deerskin: As each piece has slightly different characteristics,​ the color created by dyeing may differ slightly.
●A piece of dyed deerskin may have color unevenness in places.
●Dyed Deerskin: It may change color or fade due to sunlight,​ lighting or the progression of time.
●No special color-fixing finish is applied in order to make the most of the original characteristics of deerskin. Color may transfer to clothing due to dampness or friction.
●Deerskin: Its properties mean sweat and dirt easily permeate into it and stains are difficult to remove.
●Completely dried in a dark room (muro),​ so the lacquer should almost never cause a rash. However,​ on rare occasions,​ it may cause a rash depending on your constitution. In this case,​ discontinue use and please consult a doctor.

[How to Care]
●When wet,​ tap lightly with a dry cloth without rubbing to remove moisture,​ and dry in the shade.
●Do not remove stains or produce luster using benzine,​ cleaners or wax.
●Item Images: The color tone may be different from the actual item.
●Due to the measurement method,​ the item size may vary slightly.
●Item design may change slightly due to product revision.
●This item uses deerskin as its main material. However,​ in accordance with design and functionality,​ genuine cow leather is used in places.

Item No.  WJC01406

Item weight  60.00g