Nail Brush / Resilient White Pig Hair [Uno Hake Brush Factory]

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Once you try this hand-crafted brush from Uno Hake Brush Factory, you won't be able to do without it.

A nail brush made using white pig hair which is firmer and more resilient than horse hair.
As well as the nails, this brush is also perfect for caring for your hands and heels.

The wood portion is made using Japanese bigleaf magnolia which features lightness and softness. It hardly becomes warped or misshapen at all due to contraction etc.
As it is stands up well to moisture, this wood is perfect for using in items that are used around water.

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Item Description

●Materials: Japanese bigleaf magnolia,​ white pig hair
●Main Item Size: 30 x 80 x 30mm
●Box Size: 430 x 90 x 90mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 26
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 176
●Made in Tokyo Prefecture
●Brand Name: Uno Hake Brush Factory
●Handling Precautions:
・Wood grain appearance may vary slightly.
・Those with delicate skin should refrain from using this.
・Refrain from using on areas with wounds.

[Handling Precautions] (*Read before using)

●The brushes are made from all-natural materials. The bristles are all placed in a wooden base.
The wood will swell when wet and curve once it dries. We ask for your understanding beforehand in case some fissures appear on the wooden base.

●After using the brush,​ rinse and store where the water can evaporate from the wood.
The bristles of the brush are especially prone to keep moisture so please use a dry towel to remove the excess of water from them.
Once you have removed the moisture off the brush,​ store it with the bristles facing downwards (see image) in a shaded,​ well-aired place.
In case the brush is not drained properly or left in a high-temperature environment (such as in a heated room during winter),​ the wooden base can become extremely dry and break and/or damage the bristles.
People living in high-humidity environments should take special care when using the brush.

●Use a bar soap when using the Body Brush.
Do not use liquid body soap because it gets into the bristles of the brush and into the wooden base. You can also put nothing and use it only to massage your body.

●If you use the brush correctly,​ it can last from a year to a few years.
The soft brushes are the least durables,​ but the harder ones are expected to last longer.

Item No.  WJC01453

Item weight  176.00g

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