Insect-Repelling Kimono Scarf,​ Multicolor

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Insect-repellant processed clothing with safe repelling ingredients adhered to fabric. Simply wear this to easily repel insects in any location.
A kimono-style insect-repelling scarf. A superb item with gauze-like fabric that is soft, cool and comfortable.

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: 100% polyester
●Item Size (approx.): OS,​ One-Size-Fits-All
●Outer Packaging Size (approx.): 260mm x 260mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: approx. 105
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: approx. 155
●Made in China
●Brand Name: Insect Shield
[Handling Precautions]
・Color may bleed.
・Avoid dry-cleaning.
・White residue may be visible at times. However,​ there is no problem with the materials.
・This item is not guaranteed to completely repel insects.

Item No.  WJC01620

Item weight  155.00g

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