Small Forest Choir,​ Ryukyu Version

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A mysterious xylophone that makes different sounds, not by the lengths of wooden bars, but by the use of different woods. Each item is carefully crafted one by one by artisans at a workshop in Hida-Takayama. This safe & secure wooden toy made using wood from Japanese trees has a completely unpainted finish that makes the most of the surface of the wood.
Each bar has the wood's name branded on it. You can enjoy the warm sound of each wood while learning about the trees of Japan.
This Ryukyu version is composed of the 6 sounds of "do-mi-fa-so-ti-do" which, in whatever ordered they are played, will create a Okinawan folk song that will make you want to dance.

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: natural Japanese wood (Japanese horse-chestnut,​ magnolia obovata,​ birch,​ Japanese cypress,​ chinaberry tree,​ oak,​ cherry tree,​ Amur cork tree,​ Japanese beech,​ maple etc.),​ uncoated finish
●Item Size (approx.): Width 218 x Depth 212 x Height 48mm
●Box Size (approx.): 240 x 240 x 60mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: approx. 500
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: approx. 700
●Made in Japan
●Brand Name: Oak Village
●As this is made with natural wood,​ the color and grain differs from item to item.

Item No.  WJC01647

Item weight  700.00g

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