[Very Rare!] Edo Glass Mount Fuji On-The-Rocks Glass,​ Dragon Pattern,​ w/Wooden Box [Limited Item]

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Introducing a dragon pattern addition to the very popular "Mt. Fuji Glass" series!
The figure gracefully flying in the skies above Mount Fuji is both powerful and beautiful.

The dragon is a creature that is popularly used in auspicious items.
The dragon is used as a symbol of fortune itself and has a familiar presence in items used for perseverance, prayer success and business prosperity.

[This dragon Mt. Fuji glass is a fully limited edition WOAH! JAPAN item.]
●This version was born from the collaboration of Edo glass artisans and buyers. This is a fully limited item that cannot be purchased anywhere else.
●As each item is made individually by hand, it cannot be mass produced. It will surely sell out!

[Mt. Fuji On-The-Rocks Glass Features]
●With an authentic looking Mt. Fuji design in its base.
●You can enjoy Mt. Fuji in a variety of appearances as the color of your drink reflects off the mountain surface.

Other Mt. Fuji glasses include an original version, a spring version (cherry blossom pattern), a summer version (firework pattern), an autumn version (autumn leaf pattern), a winter version (snow crystal pattern), a "parent & child crane" version and a 4 seasons collection box. Enjoy collecting various patterns.

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Item Description

●Materials: non-lead glass
●Size: 270ml
●Size Details (approx. mm): [Glass] Diameter 92 x H95mm,​ [Box] 105 x 100 x 102㎜
●Weight (item only) [g]: 300
●Total Weight (including packaging material) [g]: 420
●Made in Tokyo
●Brand Name: Tajima Glass
●Please Note:
・Do not allow it to come into contact with hard items or other glasses.
・Place gently on a table when putting down.
・As it is susceptible to sudden temperature changes,​ do not put in hot water etc.
・Do not use in a microwave,​ dishwasher or dish dryer.
・If possible,​ wash separately from other items using a soft sponge etc.
・After washing,​ turn upside down to remove moisture and then wipe with a thick cotton cloth etc.
・Do not stack when storing. (If you stack,​ insert a soft cloth between items.)
・As this item is hand-made,​ the size and weight may differ slightly from item to item.
・As each item is individually hand made,​ on rare occasions it may contain air bubbles. However,​ this is not a defect.

Item No.  WJC01953

Item weight  420.00g

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