Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Flask Cleaner (8)

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●Cleaning ingredients spread throughout a bottle, properly cleaning the difficult-to-reach bottom.
●This breaks down polyphenols which cause color staining and properly removes them.
●Its disinfecting effect cleanses your item. (This does not disinfect all kinds of bacteria.)

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: Ingredients: potassium hydrogen persulfate (oxygen type),​ surfactant (sodium alkyl sulfonate),​ phosphate (2.9%),​ Foaming Agent (carbonate,​ organic acid),​ binding agent (sugar alcohol),​ excipient
PH: mildly alkaline
Approx. Usage Amount: 350mL of water for 1 tablet
●Item Size: 90 x 25 x 141mm
●Box Size: 200 x 250 x 100mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 30
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 40.8
●Made in Japan
●Handling Precautions:
・Keep out of reach of young children.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Do not use hot water (60 degrees of more).
・Doesn't remove discoloration of item material caused by heat.
・Should any undissolved remnants remain,​ lightly rub and remove.
・If your hands easily become rough,​ use gloves.
・Use immediately after opening inner bag.
・Keep out of places with high temperatures & humidity and direct sunlight.

[Emergency measures]
・Should this get in your eyes,​ if may hurt your eyes if left untreated. Therefore,​ rinse immediately with water for more than 15 minutes without rubbing and consult a doctor.
・Should this accidentally get in your mouth,​ rinse well and drink 1-2 cups of water or milk.
・Should this adhere to your skin,​ wash well with water.
・In any case,​ should you have any abnormalities,​ consult a doctor taking this item instructions with you.
※Cannot be used on aluminum,​ copper or brass items,​ or items with gold or silver decoration.
(1) Put warm water (approx. 40 degrees) into the flask or mug,​ then add a suitable amount of chemical agent. Use approx. 350mL of water for 1 tablet.
(2) Leave for approx. 2 hours without closing the lid. (Leave all night show staining be bad.)
※So that a flask isn't used during cleaning,​ be sure to attach the included sticker in a conspicuous place.
※Be sure to use with the lid open.
(3) After cleaning,​ wash the inside well with lots of water.
※Should any staining remain,​ lightly rub with sponge for better effects.
・For insides of stainless steel,​ plastic,​ ceramic flasks,​ mugs.

Item No.  WJC02371

Item weight  40.80g

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