Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Bluelet Okudake Bouquet Fragrance (1)

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●The main stain-adhesion prevention ingredient※ has been increased by 30%, for a coating effect that keeps your toilet clean.
※Compared to the manufacturer's conventional products. Stain-adhesion prevention ingredient refers to sodium alpha olefin sulfonate.
※Effects differ depending on the usage environment and degree of staining.
※To increase effects, it is recommended that you clean the toilet before using.
●Every time you flush, this brings out and removes staining.
●Odors are deodorized by a fresh bouquet fragrance that creates a toilet area with a clean mood.
●With a cup shaped refill container that doesn't dirty the hands.
●Under normal usage, it can be used for approx. 1 month (3-5 weeks). (This will differ slightly depending on the air temperature, water temperature and water quantity.)
●Can also be used with previous Bluelet Okudake Refill items.
●Stain-preventing coat layer
Makes it difficult for stains to become adhered.
●Cleaning/fragrance layer
Cleans away stains and produces a refreshing fragrance.
●Bluelet Okudake does not harm the inside of a tank. It does not affect a septic tank, bacteria inside a septic tank and an anti-condensation tank.
●Blue water

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: Outer Layer: fragrance,​ surfactant (anionic,​ nonionic),​ dye
Inner Layer: surfactant (anionic,​ nonionic),​ dye,​ chelate agent
●Item Size: 91 x 62 x 188mm
●Box Size: 200 x 250 x 100mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 60
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 63.5
●Made in Japan
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Keep out of reach of young children.
・Avoid fire and direct sunlight. Do not leave in places that become 40 degrees or more.
・Should the chemical agent adhere to clothing,​ wash with an oxygen-type bleaching agent.
・Should the water flow be too strong or should the water amount be too much,​ water may splash,​ overflow or cause the container to fall over. Should this happen,​ adjust by weakening water flow using the stopcock next to the tank.
・Do not turn upside-down or lay on its side during use. Should it be in this state,​ immediately insert leg portion on the bottom of the container into the tank hole.
・Should the drain of the tank's hand washing area have a net,​ should the tank have an inner lid,​ should the water flow of the hand washing area be bad,​ should the bottom of the container become dirty etc.,​ occasionally clean the net and bottom of the container to prevent the overflow of water.
・Color may transfer onto the inner white layer. However,​ there is no problem using the item.
・On rare occasions,​ the chemical agent may become soft or may emit a white powder. However,​ there is no problem with the ingredients.
・Due to chlorine found in water,​ on rare occasions the green water may discolor,​ become colorless,​ etc. However,​ there is nothing wrong with its cleaning effects.
1. Press the center portion of the container you are currently using and remove the top container.
2. Open seal of the cup container the chemical agent. Pick up the chemical agent using the cup,​ turn upside-down and place on center of bottom container.
3. Align with front portion of top container,​ cover bottom container and lightly push until you hear a click.
4. Insert leg portion into tank hold and use.
※Can be used even if water doesn't come into direct contact with the container.
※Should the chemical agent come in contact with your hand,​ it will turn it blue,​ so please be careful.
※Can be used on toilets with washlet functions. However,​ it cannot be used on types that use toilet tank water for its washing.
※Doesn't remove stains where flushed water doesn't reach.
For flush toilets

Item No.  WJC02402

Item weight  63.50g

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