Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Mukumicure SM Size

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●Simply wear these at home to massage swollen legs!
●The textured knit that follows lymph flow moderately stimulates swollen legs.
●The arch portion pile knit massages the soles of the feet.
●Stepped compression pushes up blood flow and makes your legs feel refreshed.
●Handy as they can be machine washed.

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: Materials: nylon,​ polyester,​ cotton,​ acrylic,​ polyurethane
Size: S-M Size (Calf 30-36cm,​ Ankle Circumference 19-22cm,​ Foot Size 22-24cm)
●Item Size: 100 x 40 x 180mm
●Box Size: 200 x 250 x 100mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 90.7
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 99.8
●Made in Japan
●Handling Precautions:
・In the following cases,​ consult a doctor before using.
(1) If you have leg swelling or fatigue due to a disease or injury.
(2) If you have high blood pressure or a heart,​ kidney or other disorder.
(3) If you are experiencing itchiness or eczema.
(4) If you have a blood circulation disorder.
・Do not pull sock up to the inside of the knee. This will worsen blood circulation at the inside of the knee.
・Do not use while sleeping.
・Do not use item if the size doesn't fit.
・Should you feel unwell,​ or should you experience abnormalities such as swelling,​ eczema and pain,​ immediately discontinue use.
・Wear when swollen legs are a concern. Wear for 30 minutes after you get home or after bathing for better effects.
(1) Reel together sock and insert toes.
(2) Raise up to around the ankle and align heel position.
(3) Raise each leg up little by little using both hands. At this time,​ put on so that the center of the 4 lines on the sock are correctly at the back.
※Walking in these provides a better massaging sensation.
※After wearing,​ fabric indentations may be left on the skin. However,​ after a while,​ your skin will return to normal.
[How to wash]
・Wash with cold or warm water (below 30 degrees).
[Please Note]
・Do not use bleaching agents or detergents containing bleach.
・Do not wash with different colored items (especially white ones),​ and do not leave in contact with other items after removal of water.
・Do not tumble-dry or iron.
・If you wash with delicate clothing,​ it may harm it,​ so put into a laundry net when washing.
[Use for the following]
・Swollen legs due to sitting or standing all day.
・Tired legs after lots of walking.

Item No.  WJC02517

Item weight  99.80g

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