Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Muko Kukan,​ Air & Fabric Deodorizing Mist,​ 400mL

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●Muko Kukan Air & Fabric Deodorizing Mist is an unscented type deodorizer that has no fragrance whatsoever.
●Quickly deodorizes spaces with worrisome odors.
●Can be used for both the air and fabrics.
●Disinfects softs and clothing. (This does not disinfect spaces and all kinds of bacteria.)
●Can be sprayed approx. 770 times.
●Deodorizes food smells, cigarette smells, sweat & body odors, pet smells etc. that are in the air and on clothing.
●For after eating, after smoking, for your clothing after returning home, for cleaning.

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: ethanol,​ Amphoteric surfactant type deodorizing agent,​ quaternary ammonium salt
●Item Size: 76 x 74 x 74mm
●Box Size: 200 x 250 x 100mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 440
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 458
●Made in Japan
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Keep out of reach of young children.
・Should this adhere to flooring,​ immediately wipe off.
・When using on clothing,​ do not spray on while wearing.
・For fibers susceptible to moisture,​ such as silk and rayon,​ for fibers that cannot be washed with water,​ and for waterproof finished fibers,​ test in an inconspicuous place before using.
・Do not spray focusing on just one place.
・Do not spray toward the body.
・Keep out of places with high temperatures and direct sunlight.
・For rooms,​ fabric items.

(1) Remove stopper attached to lever.
(2) Spray into space where odor is a concern. (Spray approx. 6 times for a 6 tatami room (approx. 10m²)) When spraying on a fabric item,​ do so at a distance of 20-30cm.
※When disinfecting a sofa,​ clothing etc.,​ spray so that the whole surface feels moist.

[Items it cannot be used on]
・Electric items,​ leather items,​ marble,​ precision equipment,​ furniture,​ unfinished wood & paulownia,​ copper & brass,​ coated areas
[Emergency Measures]
・Should this get in your eyes,​ wash with running water.
・Should this adhere to your hands,​ wash well.
・Should this be ingested,​ drink water.
・Should you have any abnormalities,​ consult a doctor taking this item with you.

Item No.  WJC02553

Item weight  458.00g

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