Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Muko Kukan,​ Thin Type (126g)

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●Muko Kukan is an unscented type deodorizer that has no fragrance whatsoever.
●Contains amino acid type deodorizing ingredients that have various deodorizing actions.
●The transparent beads not only deodorize everyday room smells, but also mold odors and shoe odors of storage spaces.
●For a shoe closet, below a drain, a closet, etc. Also can be used at an entrance, in the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: amino acid type deodorizing agent,​ moisture-absorbing resin
●Item Size: 117 x 44 x 88mm
●Box Size: 200 x 250 x 100mm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 220
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 240
●Made in Japan
●Handling Precautions:
・This item cannot be consumed.
・Should this be accidentally ingested by those with dementia and young children,​ the beads will expand due to moisture and may block the throat,​ esophagus or trachea. As this may cause serious illness,​ take special care to place this out of reach of family members.
・Should it spill,​ wipe immediately.
・Keep out of places with high temperatures and direct sunlight.
・The beads swell up when they absorb moisture and may block drains,​ so never flush down the drain.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.

[Emergency Measures]
・Should this accidentally get in your mouth,​ remove any beads remaining in your mouth. The beads expand with water,​ so immediately treat by drinking a drink that won't easily expand the beads,​ such as milk or an ionic sports drink. Should you have any abnormalities,​ consult a doctor bringing this item's instruction with you.
・Should this adhere to your hands,​ wash well.
(1) Remove cap
(2) Remove aluminum sticker ※Be careful so that the content doesn't spill out.
(3) Securely close cap until you hear a clicking sound
※Do not lift up holding the cap. The cap may come off and content spill out.
※If you leave this in a place that is difficult to see,​ it may be spilled,​ so be careful.
※When the beads reduce in number and become smaller,​ use a refill. When throwing away remaining beads,​ dispose of as flammable waste.
★Usage Period
・When using in a narrow space such as a shoe closet,​ it lasts approx. 1.5-2.5 months. When using in a wider space,​ it lasts approx. 1-2 months. (Effect duration will differ depending on the usage environment.)

[Request regarding accidental ingestion prevention]
・A sticker is also included to prevent accidental ingestion by young children and those with dementia. Should there be a chance of this being accidentally ingested during use,​ take care where you place it and attach the sticker to the container.
・How to attach sticker:
(1) Remove cap
(2) Attach sticker to the edge of the opening portion.
(3) Securely close cap until you hear a clicking sound.
・For storage spaces,​ for room use

Item No.  WJC02555

Item weight  240.00g

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