ROHTO Pharmaceutical 50-no-Megumi,​ Scalp-Caring Color Treatment For Gray Hair,​ Black 150g

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50-no-Megumi, Scalp-Caring Color Treatment For Gray Hair, Black 150g is a color treatment that properly dyes gray hair while caring for the scalp and hair.
Whenever you use this, it will dye gray hair, repair damaged hair and bring you beautiful, lustrous hair. Can also be used on dry hair before shampooing. Contains approx. 5 usage amounts. Also comes with one pair of gloves.

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Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: water,​ cetearyl alcohol,​ ethylhexyl palmitate,​ steartrimonium chloride,​ hydrogenated rapeseed alcohol,​ hijiki extract,​ kjellmaniella crassifolia extract,​ wakame extract,​ Hypnea Musciformis Extract,​ Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Flower Extract,​ Poria Cocos Extract,​ alaria esculenta extract,​ isopropanol,​ Hydroxyethylcellulose,​ Glycol Stearate,​ Hydrolyzed Silk PG-Propyl Methylsilanediol Crosspolymer,​ Cholesteryl Oleate,​ tocopherol,​ oleyl oleate,​ Aluminum Chlorohydrate,​ Ammonium Bicarbonate,​ polyquaternium-7,​ fragrance,​ caffeine,​ sea salt,​ quaternium-33,​ BG,​ Gamma-Docosalactone,​ diethyl sebacate,​ ethanol,​ phenoxy ethanol,​ caprylic/capric triglyceride,​ (+/-) HC blue 2,​ Basic Blue 99,​ Basic Brown 16,​ HC yellow 2,​ HC yellow 4
●Size: [Main Item] 66 x 55 x 188,​ [Box] 57 x 191 x 70
●Weight (item only)[G]: 150
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 200
●Made in Japan
●Brand Name: ROHTO Pharmaceutical
●Handling Precautions:
・This item is a hair dye (cosmetic).
・This is not an oxidizing hair dye (quasi drug).
・Contains no oxidizing hair dyes (paraphenylenediamine,​ m-aminophenol,​ p-aminophenol,​ toluene-2,​ 5-diamine etc).
(1)Before shampooing with your hair in a dry state,​ apply a suitable amount to your entire hair and blend in well.
(2)Leave for approx. 5-10 minutes. This will color in 5 minutes. However,​ if you are looking for better dyeing effects,​ please leave for 10 minutes.
(3)Afterwards,​ rinse. When doing so,​ do so properly until color no longer rinse out. Then shampoo.
(4)Remove moisture on hair with a towel and dry properly using a hairdryer.
●Suitable Usage Amount:
・Short: 1-2 ping pong ball sized amounts.
・Semi-Long: 2-4 ping pong ball sized amounts.
・Long: 3-6 ping pong ball sized amounts.

Item No.  WJC02662

Item weight  200.00g