SUNSTAR Ora2 Premium Cleansing Paste,​ 17g

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Once-a-week intensive whitening care for teeth. This cleanly and deeply cleanses stubborn stains and the causes of odors.
With its premium mint flavor that overflows with coolness and mild usage sensation, this provides special care for your mouth area.

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Item Description

Base Ingredient: sorbitol
Washing Agent: silica
Base Ingredient: water
Cleaning Aid Agent: PEG-8
Wetting Agent: PG
Cleaning Aid Agent: alumina
Solubilizer: disodium C12-14 pareth-2 sulfosuccinate
Adsorbent: Cyclodextrin
Flavoring Agent: fragrance (Premium Mint Type)
Sweetener: sodium saccharin
Foaming Agent: sodium lauryl sulfate
Bonding Agent: cellulose gum
Stabilizer: titanium dioxide
Preservative: methylparaben
●Item Size (approx. mm): 65 x 165 x 18
●Contents: 15ml
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: approx. 47
●Made in Japan
●Brand Name: SUNSTAR
・Add a pearl-sized amount to your toothbrush,​ brush teeth as usual and then rinse with water.
・Can also be used for partial brushing on areas where stains are a concern.
・This is a toothpaste with high cleaning effects that removes stains from teeth. It is recommended that you use it approx. once a week.
[Please Note]
1. The following should consult with a doctor,​ dentist,​ pharmacist or registered seller before using:
(1) Those receiving treatment from a doctor or dentist.
(2) Those who have experienced an allergy due to medicine etc.
(3) Those with the following symptom(s): bad sores in their mouth
2. After using,​ should you observe the following symptoms,​ it is possible that these are side effects. Therefore,​ immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor,​ dentist or registered seller,​ bringing this item explanation with you.
Skin: rash,​ redness,​ itchiness
Gastrointestinal: stomach discomfort,​ nausea
3. Should symptoms not get better after 5-6 days have passed,​ discontinue use and consult a doctor,​ dentist,​ pharmacist or registered seller,​ bringing this item explanation with you.
4. The following symptoms may appear. Should you notice that these symptoms continue or advance,​ discontinue use and consult a doctor,​ dentist,​ pharmacist or registered seller: mouth irritation
[Precautions regarding usage method & amount]
(1) Be sure to strictly adhere to the stated usage method & amount
(2) So that the solution doesn't get into your bronchial tubes and lungs,​ breathe gently while spraying.
(3) Take care so this doesn't get in your eyes. Should this get in your eyes,​ wash immediately with cold or warm water. Should your symptoms be bad,​ consult an eye doctor.
(4) When young children use this item,​ make sure they do so under supervision of a guardian.
[Storage & Handling Precautions]
(1) Store sealed in a cool place,​ out of direct sunlight. (Do not leave in places that may become hot,​ such as inside a car.)
(2) Keep out of reach of young children.
(3) Do not refill into another container. (This may cause accidental ingestion and may alter the ingredients.)
(4) Do not use items that have expired.

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Item weight  32.00g