Spin Wheel Colander

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Simply tilt the bowl portion to speedily drain water. Handy for washing rinse when you have drain water several times.

Item Description

●Ingredients/Materials: polypropylene
●Size: [S] 215 x 116 x 218,​ [L] 255 x 139 x 257
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: [S] 181,​ [L] 259
●Made in Japan
●Brand Name: Kokubo Kogyosho
●Please Note:
・Wash well with kitchen detergent etc. before using.
・When using,​ be mindful of the food and water amount. If you put in too much,​ it may overflow or lose functionality.
・If you put dark colored foods inside the bowl,​ color may transfer.
・If you subject to strong impacts or use with excessive force,​ it may cause damage.
・Do not leave near fire or places with high temperatures. This may cause the item to soften and become misshapen.
・After using,​ wash using kitchen detergent and a sponge. Also,​ when putting away,​ properly remove water and allow to dry first.
・If you insert the wheels on both sides of the colander into the recesses on the bowl,​ the colander & bowl will become integrated. The bowl and colander are connected together through a shaft,​ and all you need to do is tilt to easily strain water.
・If you turn the white bowl 180 degrees and use as a lid for the colander,​ then secure with both hands and shake up & down,​ you can properly remove water from salad lettuce etc.
・This is very handy as you can drain water straight after washing,​ and can finish off without needing to use a special straining spinner!
・This can be used to drain water from vegetables,​ somen,​ udon,​ soba,​ pasta etc. and is also handy for washing rice when you have drain water several times!

Item No.  WJC03148

Item weight  181.00g


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