Hazy Moon Cup,​ Medium

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With a heartwarming yet sharp design that is not only beautiful, but also useful for modern life. A hazy moon is depicted using gold leaf on wood with beautiful grain to create this solidly beautiful tableware with accent-adding grain. This utensil is created by the collaboration of experienced craftsmen. The thin wood base shaped by a seasoned woodturner is lacquered to further enhance the beauty of the material, and the moon in the sky is depicted only with gold leaf by a leaf-pasting expert.

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Item Description

●Materials: [A] wood,​ lacquer coating,​ gold leaf,​ [B] wood,​ urethane coating,​ gold leaf
●Size (approx. mm): 76 x 76 x 70
●Weight (item only)(g): 20
●Weight (including packaging)(g): 60
●Made in Kanazawa,​ Ishikawa Prefecture
●Brand Name: Hakuichi
[Handling Instructions]
*This item has a special coating finish. However,​ using scourers and polishing powders will damage the surface. Wash using a soft sponge and mild detergent and,​ after rinsing with cold or warm water,​wipe with a soft cloth.
*Avoid direct sunlight as this may cause discoloration or deformation. Also,​ do not put in a dishwasher,​ a high-temperature dishwasher with a steam sterilization function,​ a dish-dryer,​ a freezer,​ a microwave oven,​ an oven etc.
*Do not soak for a long time in water,​ detergent water,​ etc.
*Avoid extreme dryness and humidity. Use at a room temperature range.
*Definitely do not allow to come into contact with an open flame.
*Using adhesive tape on the surface may cause the foil to peel,​ so do not do this.
*Do not use hot water.
*Do not use for vinegared foods.
*Do not use for any purpose other than its intended one.
*Keep out of reach of children in order to prevent accidents.
*Depending on your constitution,​ in rare cases the coating (lacquer) may cause a rash. Should you experience any abnormalities,​ discontinue use of item immediately.
*Dropping or strong impacts may cause damage or breakage.
*Should the item become cracked,​ chipped etc.,​ discontinue use of item.
Should there be no stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer support regarding the delivery date.

Item No.  WJC03216

Item weight  60.00g