[Rare!] Edo Glass Mt. Fuji On-The-Rocks Glass,​ 5-Storied Pagoda/Cherry Blossom w/Box [Fully Limited]

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At long last! The Mount Fuji Glass Five-Storied Pagoda & Cherry Blossom pattern is now on sale!
※This is a "WOAH! JAPAN fully limited item", so cannot be purchased at other shops.

A tall five-storied pagoda rises into the sky with the World Heritage Site Mount Fuji in the background. In addition, cherry blossoms blow in the wind around it.
The most Japanese-like scenery possible is reproduced on this glass.

So moving, it will take your breath away! With beauty enough to make you sigh!
Depending on the angle you look at, the appearance of Mt. Fuji and the five-stored pagoda will differ.
This special, superb item allows you to enjoy various appearances of Mt. Fuji and a five-stored pagoda on a single glass.

Simply decorate your home with this to be soothed by its beautiful scene!

[Mt. Fuji On-The-Rocks Glass Features]
●With an authentic looking Mt. Fuji design in its base.
The base is thick as it needs to have space for its Mt. Fuji shape, while the portion that touches the lips is thin for an improved feel.
As each item is individually hand-crafted by artisans, this cannot be mass produced, so is a rare, superb item.

●You can enjoy Mt. Fuji in a variety of appearances as the color of your drink reflects off the mountain surface.
Enjoy a different color Fuji depending on the color of your drink. Have fun each time deciding what to pour into this.
Simply looking at Mount Fuji, who's coloring changes with light and shadow, will allow you to experience a pleasant time.

[With a wooden box & wrapped in tenugui fabric]
Open the box and you'll see the glass is wrapped in (WOAH! JAPAN original) five-storied pagoda & cherry blossom pattern tenugui fabric.

[Enjoy Collecting]
Mount Fuji glasses are available in a cherry blossom pattern, firework pattern, autumn leaf pattern, snow crystal pattern, parent & child crane pattern, dragon pattern and 4-season collection box - enjoy collecting your favorite patterns.

※As these are made by hand, manufacture takes time. It is recommended to purchase quickly.

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Item Description

●Materials: non-lead glass
●Size: 270ml
●Size Details: [Glass] Diameter 92 x H95㎜,​ [Box]105 x 100 x 102㎜
●Weight (item only)[G]: 300
●Total Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 420
●Made in Tokyo
●Brand Name: Tajima Glass
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not allow it to come into contact with hard items or other glasses.
・Place gently on a table when putting down.
・As it is susceptible to sudden temperature changes,​ do not put in hot water etc.
・Do not use in a microwave,​ dishwasher or dish dryer.
・If possible,​ wash separately from other items using a soft sponge etc.
・After washing,​ turn upside down to remove moisture and then wipe with a thick cotton cloth etc.
・Do not stack when storing. (If you stack,​ insert a soft cloth between items.)
・As this item is hand-made,​ the size and weight may differ slightly from item to item.
・As each item is individually hand made,​ on rare occasions it may contain air bubbles. However,​ this is not a defect.
・Wooden Box: As this is made using natural materials,​ each individual one will differ.

Item No.  WJC03353

Item weight  420.00g

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