LION Top NANOX One Pack 10 Units 100g

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Ultra compact detergent TOP NANOX One Pack. One-time use type. Easy to carry on business trips, vacations or to the coin laundry. Do not worry about the residues that do not dissolve because this is a liquid type One Pack! Good with one rinse.

Item Description

●Ingredients: Surfactant (56% polyoxyethylene fatty acid methyl ester,​ linear alkyl benzene sulfonate,​ polyoxyethylene alkyl ether,​ alkyl ether sulfate),​ stabilizer,​ pH adjuster,​ anti-soiling agent,​ enzyme
●Size: [Product] 63 x 56 x 134,​ [Package] 63 x 56 x 134
●Weight (Only the Product) [g]: 100
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 118
●Made in: Japan
●Manufacturer: LION
●Handling Precautions:
・Wash according the clothes care label.・People with sensitive skin or when using undiluted should use kitchen gloves for handling.
・Rinse hands thoroughly after using and apply cream if necessary.
・Do not leave the undiluted solution on the washing machine lid or on the floor as they can get damaged if not wiped properly.
●Instructions for Use: Use the amount specified in the box as an approximate reference.

Item No.  WJC03369

Item weight  118.00g