Hidaka Kelp Point Haircolor Dark Brown 20g

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A simple to use pen-shaped hair dye! For those who are concerned with gray hairs and need an easy and quick way to cover them up! Apply before going out without worrying to stain your hands!
●Soft and shiny hair.
●Quick dry, not sticky.
●Gradual dying, the color stays on.
●Hidaka kelp extract (moisturizer).

Item Description

●Ingredients: Water,​ Glycerin,​ BG,​ Caprylic acid palm oil alkyl,​ polyacrylamide,​ olive oil,​ shea butter,​ hydrolysed keratin (fleece),​ ascorbic acid,​ laureth-7,​ hydrogenated polyisobutene,​ etidronic acid,​ cocoyl arginine ethyl PCA,​ AMP,​ phenoxyethanol,​ Methyl paraben,​ Roman chamomile flower extract,​ Trichoplusia flower extract,​ cornflower flower extract,​ chamomile flower extract,​ St. John's flower / leaf / stem extract,​ Trichoderma flower extract,​ Trichoderma japonica extract,​ (+/-) HC Blue 2,​ HC Yellow 4,​ HC red 3,​ basic red 76,​ basic tea 16,​ basic blue 99
●Size: [Product] 82 x 210 x 35,​ [Package] 82 x 210 x 35
●Weight (Only the Product) [g]: 20
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 80
●Made in: Japan
●Handling Precautions:
・Avoid using this product if you have skin lesions.
・Consult with a dermatologist if any skin lesions appear during or after use.
・In case of contact with the eyes,​ rinse immediately with lukewarm water.
・Remove with a wet towel in case it stains the scalp or forehead.
・Use on dry hair only.
・Be careful not to spill the dye.
・Do not use for other than its intended purpose.
・This product dries within minutes but it may stain if not dry enough.
・After applying the product,​ it may suffer some discoloration if you use hair settings or products for hair growth.
・Sweat and/or rain can cause a loss of color.
・Do not use with other dyes as the color may not be what is expected.
・Do not use on clothes.
・Wash your hair after using it as it can stain the bedding.
・Close the cap tightly when not using.
・In case of carrying it,​ please use the stopper.
・Do not leave in the interior of hot cars or near windows. The contents may spill over or get damaged.
・Keep out the reach of children.
・Do not use near fire.
●Instructions for Use:
(1) Shake lightly before using. Remove the stopper and push the bottom for the dye to cover the pen. When using for the first time,​ push until the dye is out.
(2) Apply a consistent amount on gray hairs,​ from the root to the tip of the hair.
(3) Wipe the excess after use.
*The color will vary depending on the individual.

Item No.  WJC03380

Item weight  80.00g