Pigeon Breastfeeding Baby Bottle Plastic Mickey Design 240mL

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For moms who want to breastfeed ♪ A baby bottle that supports breastfeeding!
●Pigeon Breastfeeding Lineup:
(1) Adheres perfectly to the lips to prevent air entering while feeding the baby
(2) Allows tongue to move smoothly
(3) Is a bottle that allows your baby to drink slowly and placidly
It meets all these three principles necessary for better feeding, so it is easy to use combined with breastfeeding and support the transition.
●Easy to clean and prepare the formula thanks to its wide opening
●Made of light and resistant plastic
●From 3 months old
●Recommended for the Disney fans! Mickey & Minnie design♪

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Item Description

●Ingredients: [Cap] Polypropylene,​ [Teat] Synthetic Rubber (Silicone Rubber),​ [Bottle] Polyphenyl Sulfone (PPSU)
●Size: [Product] 60 x 185 x 53,​ [Package] 60 x 185 x 53
●Total Weight (Including Packaging) [g]: 80
●Made in: Thailand
●Manufacturer: Pigeon
●Handling Precautions:
・After using,​ clean the teat and bottle thoroughly using the special brush and then disinfect.
・Do not leave next to fire as it may deform the bottle.
・Use a sponge brush for cleaning. A hard brush may scratch the surface of the bottle.
●Burn Precautions:
・The bottle also gets hot with the baby formula. Be careful of burns.
・Do not prepare baby formula with children near.
・Confirm the temperature of both meals and milk before feeding.
・After boiling or microwave sterilization,​ the baby bottle also gets hot. Be careful of burns.
・Be careful when shaking the baby bottle because it can cause spillage and occasional burns. Be careful when shaking food as the high-temperatures in the bottle may also cause spillage and occasional burns.
●Description: [Teat] M Size,​ Three-cut,​ [Disinfection Method] Boiling OK/ Microwave OK/ Antiseptic Solution OK
●When to Replace:
・Sometimes babies,​ once they get accustomed to one teat,​ will not like when they have it changed. Alternate 2 or more teats in a 2-month span and change them regardless if they are not torn or cut once they get old.
・Babies with teeth may torn the teat by chewing and pulling.

Item No.  WJC03394

Item weight  80.00g